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Experience perfect peace as God quiets your mind and speaks directly to your heart.

Witness the awakening of your inner Angel as Your Holy Spirit inspires you.

Celebrate ecstasy as God's Divine Love stirs your Soul into action.

Heaven-sent messages reveal how to achieve Your Spiritual Ascension.

Why this book is unique
This is the first book God has ever written in the first-person to You. Rich with Angelic Art, this beautiful book will delight Angel-lovers everywhere!

Why You Will Love It
You will feel a direct personal experience of God's Divine Love as you read this Holy Book. Uplifting, empowering, and inspirational, God speaks directly to Your Heart with gentle loving guidance that will nurture your Soul.

Volume 1 of God's Words by The Goddess I AM details the first 12 of God's 20 Requests in 39 Divine 1st Person Essays that reveal how to become Divine and achieve Your Spiritual Ascension.

Title: God's Words to Inspire the Angel in You
Volume #1 in the Goddess Series
ISBN: 1-892177-xx-x - Paperback
ISBN: 1-892177-44-7 - Hard Cover-Full Color
ISBN: 1-892177-26-9 - Audio-Book CD
Publication Date: 1-27-2014
Author: I AM
Publisher: Angel food books
Trade Distributor: Ingram


God's Words

to inspire the Angel in You

Table of Contents

God's Providence
Legacy of the Heart
The Holy Attribute of Divinity
God's 20 Requests

Become Divine
The Divine Plan for Humanity
Spiritual Beauty
My Divine Presence
My Gardener

Live by The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule

Be Harmless
Be My Divine Emissary
My Beloved Creatures

Purify Yourself
Addiction to Drama
Drugs å

Be My Living Temple
Become the Temple of the Living God

Use My Name Righteously
I AM Your Divine Identity

Love Me
The Treasure of the Ages
The Divine Director
Love Me
Why People Suffer

Love One Another
Holy Company
Challenging Relationships

Bless Your Enemies
Be Merciful
The Past

Love Your Family
Love Your Parents
Sexual Intimacy
The Path of Right Choosing

Worship Me above
material things

Graven Images
The House of the Lord
Find your Security in Me

Bring Me Your Devotion
The Quest
The Holy Sacrament
The Holy Covenant
Divine Worship
Walk with Me

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