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In God’s Own Words the True Nature of the Almighty is revealed.
Within these pages learn of:
God’s Divine Nature,
The Truth of Creation,
The Myth about Armageddon,
God’s 20 Requests,
Your place in the royal Family of God,
Our Perfect Destiny in Heaven:
The Super Universes and beyond

Why this book is unique
God speaks in the 1st Person - directly to You. Volume 3 consists of 27 Divine 1st Person Essays that reveal God's Divine Nature and tells the awsome history of the truth of creation. Rich with Angelic Art, this beautiful book will delight Angel-lovers everywhere!

Why You Will Love It
You will feel a direct personal experience of God's Divine Love as you read this Holy Book. Uplifting, Enlightening, and Ringing with Truth, God reveals His True Loving Nature at last.

Author Information
Not since Joan of Arc has God spoken directly to a woman, commissioning her with a new millennium quest of Biblical proportions: To deliver God’s Words verbatim to all humanity, to present God’s blueprint for the global reconstruction of Paradise, and to represent God and fulfill The Divine Plan, for now it is time to begin the golden age of Heaven on Earth.

I AM Love
Volume #3 in the God’s Words Series
ISBN: 1-892177-53-6
Publication Date: 1-1-2002
Author: I AM
Publisher: Heaven On Earth Publishing
Trade Distributor: Ingram
Religious / Spiritual / New Age
This book appeals to free-thinking sons a
nd daughters of God.
For Angel-Lovers Everywhere!
236 pages / 7.5 x 9.25 Perfect Bound
Fully Illustrated - Rich with Angelic Art
$22.95 US or Equivalent


I AM Love

Gods Divine nature and the Truth of Creation

Table of Contents

God's Forward

Love is thhe Great One The Great One
The Truth, the Way, and the Light
Title Page Nebadon Universe
Versa Title Page
I AM Ascending Photograph

A note from the author
Table of Contents

God’s Divine Nature
I AM Love
My Holy Nature
My True Nature
Your Perfect Destiny
My Kingdom of Light
The Holy Family of Heaven
Your Divine Quest
My Divine Son
Jesus’ Little Bird
The Myth of Armageddon
God’s 20 Requests
My Divine Self
Treasure of the Heart
My Divine Son
Divine Love
Your Heavenly Mother
Goddess of Paradise
The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
Paradise on Earth

The Truth of Creation
The Mission of Jesus
Divine Life Currents
The Truth of Creation
Adam and Eve
The Lucifer Rebellion
The Second Coming
Christianity in the Golden Age of Light
God’s Word Definitions

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