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"Dear One, It is time to rise up into your own realization of Divinity, which comes through knowing how to master your mind and control your emotions.

Today is the day to begin your ascent into Godliness, and I shall show you how within these pages." GOD

Why this book is unique
It is our pleasure to Announce a book that will Enlighten humanity. God's Words are spoken in the 1st Person directly to You. Rich with Angelic Art, this beautifully illustrated book will delight Angel-lovers everywhere!

Why You Will Love It
You will feel a direct personal experience of God's Divine Love as you read this Holy Book.

Volume 4 includes 30 Divine 1st Person Essays that reveal how to become enlightened, how to overcome the ego, and become the best you can be.

For all humanity. Everyone can benefit from this Divine Revelation of Perfect Enlightenment and Divine Guidance that will help You Dicover Your Inner Angel.

Discover Your Inner Angel
Volume #4 in the God’s Words Series
ISBN: 1-892177-06-4
Publication Date: 1-1-2002
Author: I AM
Publisher: Heaven On Earth Publishing
Trade Distributor: Ingram
This book appeals to free-thinking sons
and daughters of God.
For Angel-Lovers Everywhere!
236 pages / 7.5 x 9.25 Perfect Bound
Fully Illustrated - Rich with Angelic Art
$22.95 US or Equivalent


Discover Your Inner Angel

Enlightenment, the Way to Eternal Life

Table of Contents

God's Forward
Versa Title Page
God’s Preface for Enlightenment
A note from the author
Heaven and Earth
I AM Ascending
Acknowledgment of Spirit

The Enlightening Attributes of Spirit
The Power of My Name
The Divine Self & The Ego
Anger & the Ivory Tower of Divinity
Relinquishing the Dross
God Consciousness
The Law of Karma
Atonement & Divine Mercy
Death and Resurrection

Your Ascension
Eternal Survival
The Breath of Life
Accidents & The Wrath of God

My Divine Angels
Guardian Angels
Angels and Spirit Guides
God’s 20 Requests
The Divinity of Christ
Holy Grail
The Divine Nectar
Arise from the Ego
Divine Royalty

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