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GOD’s Divine Plan gives us the way to transform Earth into a splendid Paradise and usher in The Golden Age of Heaven on Earth.

God’s new world government presents a viable way to save the environment, and provides people with all they need to live in abundance, peace and joy. Fortunate are all who will embrace The Divine Plan for the Global Reconstruction of Paradise and Share in the Abundance this Heavenly Government brings.

Why You Will Love It
You will feel a direct personal experience of God's Divine Love as you read this Holy Book. Uplifting, empowering, and modivational, God delivers His Divine Plan for the creation of Heaven on Earth now.

Volume 2 details 8 of God's 20 Requests in 40 Divine 1st Person Essays that reveal how to save Earth's environment and create a magnificent global Paradise, in which all Earth's citizens shall experience abundance.

For all humanity. Everyone can benefit from this Revelation of Perfect Truth, Awesome Love, and Divine Guidance that will Inspire You to create Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth
Volume #2 in the God’s Words Series
ISBN: 1-892177-46-3
Publication Date: 1-1-2002
Author: I AM
Publisher: Angel Food Books, a division of Heaven on Earth
Trade Distributor: Ingram
Universal Spiritual / Christian / Environmental / for Body-Mind-Spirit
This book appeals to free-thinking sons and daughters of God.
For Angel-Lovers Everywhere!
236 pages / 7.5 x 9.25 Perfect Bound
Fully Illustrated - Rich with Angelic Art
$22.95 US or Equivalent




Heaven on Earth
Table of Contents

God's Forward
God’s Preface
The New Dispensation
Introduction by Lord Jesus
My Kingdom Come
God’s 20 Requests

Make this World a Paradise
Manifesting Paradise on Earth
The Divine Plan for Earth
Divine Foresight

Create Heaven on Earth
My Sacred Land
Heaven on Earth
The Blessings of Prosperity
The Requirements of Heaven on Earth
Heavenly Family Planning
Every Desire Fulfilled
I AM Ascending Photograph
I AM Here Within You
Guardian of Paradise
Restoring Paradise on Earth
Divine Justice
Live Naturally
Cleanse Yourself
Live in Peace

Trust Me
Addressing Your Prayers
The Holy Grail
Holy Sacrament of Christ
Bring Me Your Sweetness
Ask and You Shall Receive
Manifesting Abundance

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